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Amanda Booth

Mission Blog: From a PR Point of View

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  I am one of Innovate UK’s media specialists and have been working on the Clean and Cool Mission 2015, assisting to position pre, during and post publicity for the week-long event and for the 15 clean tech companies that embarked upon the ‘journey’ both physically and mentally…  We have been back for four days […]

Sam Cockerill 2012

Mission Blog: Why We Should Embrace Innovation

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  Over-used, over-hyped, misunderstood, and much maligned – the word ‘innovation’ often gets a bit of a rough ride in the media. Part of the problem is that the word’s literal meaning ‘to bring in a new idea’ is very broad, and depends very much on the context into which a new idea is brought. The conceptual novelty […]

Paul Hilditch

Mission Blog: Day 5 – Internet of Important Things

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  “We always had a vision” says Don Reeves, EVP at Silver Spring Networks, it is clear that you need consistency of purpose, and audacious goals (big hairy ones, I assume) if you’re going to make it to the big time. We were being hosted by Silver Spring in their Redwood City, CA headquarters, and given an […]

Quinton Fivelman 2 copy

Mission Blog: Lay of the Legal Land with Penningtons Manches LLP

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  On a sunny warm winter morning we gathered at Galvanize SoMa to hear first-hand of the legal complexities of launching a company on the West Coast. Led by experienced Penningtons Manches LLP partners James Klein and Hamish Corner, the Clean and Cool group discussed corporate, commercial, intellectual property, and immigration matters regarding both US and UK inward investment. The […]

Dr Mike Pitts copy

Mission Blog: Day 4 – Winning Partnerships

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  Our fourth day in San Francisco had a gentle start with many of the companies getting the chance to be interviewed by our accompanying journalists Roger Harrabin (BBC), Hannah Prevett (Times), Jon Card (Guardian) and Trevor Clawson (Forbes) or writing blogs for our site. These include an excellent discussion on what innovation is (and […]

John Hingley copy

Mission Blog: The Technical vs Human Business Presentation

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  Having heard last night that we needed to adjust our presentational style to a level where we can successfully “Tell Roger’s Mum”, Guy was immediately inspired to ditch his existing presentation for the next morning and replace it with a “how to” guide on this topic. His key message was that, in developing our […]

Andy Ling small b&w

Mission Blog: Day 3 – Mind the Bridge

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  After a reasonably high pressure morning carrying out our 2 minute elevator pitches to some of San Francisco’s most prominent VCs and Investors, it was off to the JP Morgan & Chase building on Mission St.  We were at the building to get an insight into a programme being run in SF called “Mind […]

Nick Kitchin small b&w

Mission Blog: Day 3 – US Pitch and Profile

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  On the flight from London to San Francisco, I saw for the first time the jagged shards of arctic ice, interspersed with black lightning strikes of water, stretching as far as the eye could see and it made me realise once again why, as CEO of Cumulus Energy Storage, I am on the Clean […]

Dr Mike Pitts copy

Mission Blog: Day 3 – US Pitch and Profile

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  Today was the day when the companies pitched to a room of investors and advisers and they didn’t disappoint. The two minute presentations they had honed over previous days came out perfectly and we had one of those great Mission days when companies started saying the whole trip had been worth it for the […]

DSCF0524 copy

Mission Blog: Day 2 – Mentors and Heroes

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  Backed by a sunny afternoon, the Clean and Cool Mission team had a fascinating session with an expert expat panel sharing their experiences of the challenges, advantages and opportunities in starting up ventures in San Francisco. This panel discussion was held in the The Battery, a fascinating club set up by Michael Birch which is a modern […]

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