Impacts and Outcomes

Clean and Cool Mission

  • A total of 19 companies attended the Clean and Cool Mission in 2010.
  • Attending a Clean and Cool Mission has had immediate impacts for the companies attending the Mission including setting up subsidiaries in the US, raising investment, building new partnerships in the US and building new partnerships with other Mission companies.
  • A number of multi-million $ customer contracts have emerged.
  • There are now 3 investment runs close to completion.


Web Mission

A total of 35 companies attended WebMission in Apr 08 and Apr 09.
Since attendance on these Missions, the companies have achieved the following:

  • Over $36m of investment and more in the pipeline.
  • 735% growth in sales from Q1’09 to Q1’10 achieved by Sosius.
  • Over 50% of companies have now achieved investment since attending a Mission.
  • Over 20% of companies have now set up subsidiaries in the US.
  • Over 30 Major US-based MNC Customers have been gained.



“A huge thank you on behalf of us all for the Clean and Cool Mission Experience. PassivSystems returned with a huge list of actions and opportunities which we are yet to fully catch up on! But I was at EcoBuild last week with ModCell, where we announced our partnership on a number of initiatives in the education sector to the press. As I am sure you are aware we also received a fantastic write up in The Economist a couple of weeks ago which has given us increased visibility in the US with potential partners and investors.”

Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems, 2010 alumni

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About our other Missions:

Since 2008 there have been four missions, focussed on entrepreneurs working in web innovation, future health and clean technology.

Web Mission:

Web Missions embrace innovations in the "Web Economy", including mobile, social, semantic and real-time web technologies; Cloud2; social gaming; and 3-D/RealVR environments. Web Mission 2011 travelled to San Francisco following on from the Game Developers Conference and leading on to SXSW. For more information visit

Future Health:

The Future Health Missions are focussed on developments in e-health and health informatics, personalised medicine and emerging technologies in the medical and diagnostics sectors. Further details on the next Future Health mission to follow in 2012.