Why Brazil?

We’ve produced a bespoke Clean and Cool report and infographic to outline the potential opportunities in Brazil for UK cleantech SMEs.

For the majority of applicants who may not have the capacity for market research, we hope it will act as a launch pad for further exploration.

Research – Cleantech Group http://www.cleantech.com
Infographic – Canvas Studios http://www.canvas-studios.com

Why Brazil?

Download the market introduction report, Brazil Sector Landscaping - Potential Opportunities for UK SMEs:

Download the infographic as a pdf to view in Acrobat Reader:

About our other Missions:

There have been eight previous missions, supporting the most promising UK entrepreneurs and early stage businesses working in web innovation, future health and clean technology.

Clean and Cool Mission 2012:

Clean and Cool companies are developing the new technologies, services and business models that address our greatest environmental, energy and resource challenges. The 2012 Mission coincided with the Cleantech Global Forum and was attended by innovators in energy storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy, agriculture and transportation. For more information visit http://cleanandcoolmission.com

Future Health Mission:

Future Health Mission 2012 took 20 early stage and high growth potential companies to Boston. The winners represented the most promising transformative technologies, services and business models to address our future healthcare challenges in the fields of assisted living, diagnostics, stratified and regenerative medicines. www.futurehealthmission.com

Web Mission:

Sixteen of the UK's most promising digital, wireless and mobile software technology companies travelled to Bangalore and New Delhi in 2013 to develop relationships and open up business opportunities. Companies had scalable and profitable solutions for low and middle-income populations in urban and rural India within energy, health and enterprise. www.webmission.com